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YYoung Medicine Mart (Main)
  • 1721 Main Street Vancouver, BC V5T 3B5

Company: YYoung Medicine Mart (Main)


YYoung Medicine Mart (Main) (official website: www.yyoung.com) is an innovative Health Care and Pharmacy company located in Vancouver. YYoung delivers an individualized wellness experience through customized pharmacy services, naturopathy remedies and preventative health management strategies. YYoung also serves as a municipal health service provider to social housing and residential care facilities and focus on improving wellness one community at a time.

Our Objective

Our provisioned healthcare objective is a philosophy of care which revolves around customized and sustainable health services to improve wellness, and to provide our clientele with informed choices.

Our Services

Aside from prescribed medications, we offer telehealth and health consultations which cover over the counter certified natural health products, vitamins, supplements, and proprietary blends in water filtration products. 

Our immediate and additional eCommerce essential platform services/products launched is targeted to those in need of alternative healthcare solution in patient and customer service, which helps to encourage YYoung’s vision of improving the well-being of our community one person at a time.

We are looking for an experienced and task-oriented Project Manager.