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Home Sweet Home Montessori Inc
  • 2939 Old School Road, Caledon, ON, Canada

When accepting a teaching position at the HSH, a teacher is agreeing to nurture the comprehensive development of all the children in the school using the Montessori Method of education. Teachers are agreeing to work in partnership with the director, CCMA, other staff members, the families of the school and community at large to create the best possible Montessori education for Home Sweet Home’s Casa children.

When accepting a teaching position with HSH, teachers are agreeing, to the best of their ability, to demonstrate the skills and professional practices listed below. Teachers working for HSH agree to set goals and share these with the director, then revisit the goals and job description twice annually in order to self-assess and receive feedback from the executive director. In addition, teachers agree to maintain cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic first aid certification, know the school emergency procedures and perform other duties not specifically stated as directed by the school’s Director.

Tasks and Duties:

  • Implement and update curriculum as student needs dictate.
  • Introduce and present new material to individual students daily with all children.
  • Ensure other teachers and assistants in classroom are completing their assigned work.
  • Carefully observe and keep daily records of each student’s individual progression through the classroom, always being available to offer gentle guidance.
  • Demonstrates the ability to develop a rapport with students and treat each child with respect.
  • Demonstrates a broad repertoire of teaching strategies that honor varied learning styles. The strategies should effectively meet the developmental, cognitive, emotional and social needs of children.
  • Support the ongoing orginizational structure of the classroom and school environment.


  • Ability to lead your assistant teachers and children in a comprehensive way utilizing the Montessori Philosophy as a whole.
  • Professional communication with Director, Supervisor, Receptionist, Teachers, and parents
  • Conducting parent-teacher interviews.
  • Complete written reports twice per year.
  • Conduct and prepare student performances twice a year to be viewed by parents.
  • Ensure that the building, materials, and playground are clean, safe and maintained. Complete classroom and outdoor cleanliness forms.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan and implement group activities with Director or Supervisors approval.
  • Model and facilitate positive techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Effective organization and record keeping ability and complete daily, weekly, by-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual forms/charts.
  • Adhere to a policy of confidentiality and respect regarding issues with students, families and other staff members.
  • Create a system of positive communication and work together with other adults to create and maintain an effective team.
  • Articulate the school mission, goals and philosophy clearly and work as team players with all HSH employees, board and families of the school.


  • AMI Certified
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience in an accredited CCMA school
  • Advanced communication skills
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • Bondable
  • Reliable/punctual


As a member of HSH we are looking for a friendly approachable Casa Teacher who is opened to growing; developing and learning techniques to improve their classroom skills and relationships with others. We’re also looking for clear advanced communication skills with a friendly, caring and passionate dedication to HSH.

Working Conditions:

  • Bending and kneeling throughout the day
  • Ability to lift 30 pounds