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Tomahawk Barbecue Ltd.

Tomahawk Barbecue Ltd. is a British Columbia company. The main activity of the business is operating a family style restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please see www.tomahawkrestaurant.com for more details about the restaurant.

Mar 09, 2023  
$18.50 hourly
  Company operating name   Tomahawk Barbecue Ltd.   Business address   1550 Philip Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 2V8   Title of position   Assistant Restaurant Supervisor (NOC 62020)   Number of positions   2 (two)   Job duties   Assist the Owner/General Manager ("O/GM") of The Tomahawk Restaurant by doing the following: Be in charge of the day-to-day operation of our restaurant during their shift, including in O/GM's absence; Make sure the restaurant is operating smoothly while doing their best to ensure customer satisfaction and generate repeat business, including in O/GM's absence; Act as supervisor of operations (oversee restaurant's operations - both the front and back of the house - during their shift); act as an extra hand (if necessary), i.e. do other tasks when the restaurant becomes busy, including busing and cleaning tables, helping in the kitchen, seating guests and being able to act as a cashier if so asked; Be skilled...
Tomahawk Barbecue Ltd. 1550 Philip Avenue, North Vancouver, BC, V7P 2V8 Full time