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Mar 21, 2024  
$30.00 - $37.00 hourly
job Description: Utilize boom trucks to move, lift, and position bulky Signage and Channel Letters. Examine the truck's supplies, equipment, and overall condition to make that all safety rules are being followed. Safeguard All Heavy Signage by ensuring weight distribution and balance to avoid shifting and truck damage. When operating the truck, abide by the traffic laws, defined routes, and signals. Keep track of the materials & Signage that are transported, including their nature and amount. Notify the supervisor of any maintenance or safety concerns. Interact with coworkers on the working site to guarantee effective and secure operations. Make sure the boom truck is maintained and cleaned correctly. Job Requirements: knowledge of using a boom truck, also known as an aerial lift truck - To drive mobile cranes on public roads, mobile crane operators may need a provincial license. - Mobile crane operator trade certification, for specific types of cranes, is...
#105 13119 84 ave Full time