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Nov 30, 2022  
$16.00 - $20.00 hourly
1. Clean meats to prepare for processing or cutting 2. Cut carcasses, sides and quarters, 3. Cut trim and prepare standard cuts of meat 4. wrap and package prepared meats 5. Remove bones from meats 6. Weigh meats for sale 7. Cut poultry into parts 8. Price meat products 9. Clean and prepare fish and shellfish 10.Sell meats to customess 11.Supervise other junior butchers and meat cutters and fishmongers 12. Grind meats and make special sausage 13. Slice Cooked meats 14. Prepare special orders 15. Prepare special displays of meats, poultry,  and fish products including seafood
East York, Toronto, ON, Canada Full time