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Jun 21, 2022

One (1) Audiovisual (AV) Technician needed in Toronto, ON

$28.00 hourly
  • 90 Nugget Avenue, Toronto, ON MIS 3A7
Full time Other

Job Description:

Quest Audio Visual Inc. is looking for One (1) audiovisual (AV) technician to perform the following duties:


  • Set up, prepare, operate and adjust audio, recording, editing and reproducing equipment to record, edit and reproduce sound input or feed of pre-recorded material from tapes, records, compact discs, digital audio devices, and input from live microphones, satellites or microwave trucks for films, videos, radio and television programs and recordings
  • Prepare and operate videotape recording and playback equipment to record videos, television programs, concerts and live events, and to edit video tape after production
  • Operate electronic equipment to generate program titles, credits, sub-titles, graphic backgrounds or animation for television programs
  • Operate audio consoles or computers, tape machines, microphones and sound processing equipment to mix, combine and edit music and sound at concerts and live events
  • Operate dubbing machines to play back edited dialogue, music and sound effect tracks from different sources, in synchronization with motion picture film
  • Supervise and co-ordinate the work of other audio and video recording technicians.




         Salary: $28 per hour; Minimum 40 hours per week


Permanent, Full-Time

Start date: immediately

Benefits: Basic Health and Dental benefits

Business address/Location of employment:

90 Nugget Avenue, Toronto, ON MIS 3A7



Education: Bachelor’s Degree or above in engineering/audio production or equivalent working experience

Experience: minimum 3 years of relevant experience 

Please send your resume by Email: careers@questaudiovisual.com

Employer Name:

Quest Audio Visual Inc.

Apply by Email:


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